King Faisal Mosque in Sharjah

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most-visited nations by tourists from all over the world. While Dubai and Abu Dhabi are more renowned for their various modern architectural splendours and grand shopping malls, the emirate of Sharjah is more sedate and traditional culture-conscious. Sharjah is indeed considered to be the cultural hub of the UAE. Many mosques and other symbols of Islam dot the city. And the 2nd largest among them is the King Faisal Mosque.

About King Faisal Mosque


The King Faisal Mosque is situated on Al Faisal Street. Its inauguration happened in January 1987. Until 2007, it was the largest mosque in the UAE but then it lost this position to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. The mosque took over 2 years to build. It is named after the late King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, former ruler of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The massive mosque is designed on very simple lines. Possibly, that’s what makes it so attractive. Without any ornate designs, the mosque displays traditional Islamic architectural styles. It covers an area of close to 12,000 square metres and is one of the most iconic structures of Sharjah – in fact, the UAE. Also, check the Al Noor Mosque while you visit Sharjah.

How Many People Can Accommodate in this Mosque?

The magnificent mosque is divided into several halls across 3 different levels. In total, almost 25,000 people can pray in the mosque at the same time! That’s a mind-boggling number, to say the least. Each level is designed to appear rotated in a way that displays the Islamic cultural symbol of the star in the best possible way. The mosque provides a serene atmosphere to offer prayers in peace. The acoustics are also designed wonderfully that carry the soothing voice of the Imam to every corner of the prayer halls.

The main chapel is located on the 1st floor. This is where the male devotees come to pray. The female devotees pray in their designated hall on the ground floor. There are also stores and the mosque maintenance office inside the mosque. There is a Women’s Charity Association office here as well. The 2nd floor has the offices of the Department of Islamic Affairs and Awqaf of Sharjah.

Things to See

Another attraction for devotees here is the library. Over 7000 books & publications on Islamic history & culture are available here. There are also other works on science, literature, and religion, like the Sharia & Hadith. It is extremely well-maintained and is like a treasure trove for knowledge enthusiasts & research scholars. Do check out our Sharjah city tour that covers several such places.

However, entry to the mosque is only permitted if you are a Muslim. Non-Muslims can, of course, appreciate the beauty and serenity of the magnificent mosque from the outside and get some nice photos clicked. Do ensure to be dressed modestly if you are in the vicinity of the mosque.

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