All About Hatta Mountain – Things to do & How to Reach

Gorgeous panoramic mountains, clear blue water, and scenic views- this is how you will describe Hatta Mountains if you come here. The famous Hatta Mountains Dubai is near the Al Hajar Mountains. The perfect blend of heritage and adventure with breathtaking backdrops will surely fascinate you. If you are planning to visit Dubai, spending a day in the Hatta Mountain region is a must, or else your trip will remain incomplete. Plan an extraordinary holiday with your friends or family, and include a detailed Hatta Mountain safari in Dubai. It is an off-road tour through the rocky roads and rugged terrains while cherishing the picturesque mountain view.

The mystical trails will take you to the ancient Heritage Village. The best way to explore the beauty is to book a safari package. You will get a heightened experience while riding in a 4×4 vehicle. Packages offer guided tours; hence, you will get a better idea of the place and the elements surrounding the mountain. Furthermore, on entering the Hatta Mountain Village you will find beautiful mud houses, an old fort, and some monuments from the 16th century. These are living proofs of ancient Emirati culture and architecture. A pottery market is close to the village where locals sell handmade carpets and pots. The last stop is the Hatta Dam, which plays a significant role in producing electricity and irrigation purposes for the region.

Activities to try at Hatta Mountain

You will find various activities to try in the Hatta Mountains, and here are a few of them that you should not miss.

  • Hatta Hill Park

All nature lovers, don’t forget to explore Hatta Hill Park. It is an ideal place for spending quality time with your loved ones and is perfect for picnics. Moreover, you can enjoy BBQ on the hills too. A separate kids’ playing area is also present here.

  • Hatta Heritage Village

It is more like an ancient village filled with interesting sculpting work like ancient inscriptions and carved statues. As soon as you enter the village, you will time travel to the past and come to know about the Emirate’s fascinating history and culture.

  • Hatta Wadi Hub

It is impossible to compare the Hatta Mountains UAE with Dubai or other Emirati cities, especially in the field of uniqueness. Explore the Hatta Wadi Hub, which is meant for families. You can spend some quality time here, and find water rides available (a waterslide). All in all, your experience inside the Wadi Hub will be memorable.

  • Hatta Dam

The main attraction of the place, Hatta Dam is a picture-perfect spot and is ideal to spend time with your closed ones. With the Hatta Mountains in the backdrop, don’t forget to click some Instagram-worthy pictures. Furthermore, kayaking is a common activity in the dam water. As the dam is enclosed by mountains, kayaking here will definitely give you some fond memories of Hatta Mountain to cherish throughout your lifetime.

  • Hatta Mountain Photography Point

When going for a Hatta mountain tour, make sure to take selfies as it’s a perfect place to click pictures. Having the captivating mountains in your picture background, people will automatically start feeling jealous after seeing your photographs. Moreover, if you are a true nature appreciator, you will surely love this place.

Foods to try

Get your taste buds ready before coming here as you will find mostly local cuisines. Special BBQs are available here, which are no doubt mouth-watering. If you want to try traditional Arabic dishes, stop by the Tanoor Restaurant. Located on Dubai Hatta Road; here you will get a wide variety of chicken, camel, and lamb dishes. You can also check out the Hatta Wild Café to try freshly brewed coffee and delicious sandwiches. However, if you want to try something from the food trucks, the nearby areas of Hatta Wadi Hub are perfect. The trucks sell juicy burgers and wraps, and these are a must-try.

How to reach Hatta Mountain?

Hatta Mountains is located a bit away from the main city. It takes approximately 90 minutes to reach here from Dubai. If you are coming by car, take the Sharjah-Kalba route. However, if you are traveling from Abu Dhabi, it takes almost 2 to 3 hours to reach. Public transportation services are also available but takes more than 2 hours to reach. Al Sabka Bus station is the closest in Dubai, and the E16 bus will take you to your destination.

What is the best time to visit Hatta Mountain?

Since the entire area is covered by mountains, the temperature remains cooler here compared to the main city. Although the humidity is less here compared to the city, you won’t feel much difference in summer. Therefore, it is best to visit the Hatta Mountains during winter to explore the entire region conveniently. Here is a guide to 12 Natural Spots Around Dubai to check out all the spots in Dubai.


Hatta Mountain might not seem like a happening place, but if you love spending time in a quiet place amidst nature, it is perfect. Therefore, make sure to include this in your next Dubai tourist places trip. Book your tours with Travel Saga Tourism.