Explore Dubai in 8 Hours: Full Day Dubai City Tour

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Every person these days wants to experience the luxurious life of Dubai. In addition to the luxurious lifestyle, they also want to explore the top-notch and most popular attractions. If you are also one of them, a full-day Dubai city tour is a perfect option. The entire tour includes a packed itinerary.

Overall, ranging from all the modern marvels to all the cultural and heritage sites, you will enjoy watching everything. So, it’s time to learn which prime attractions and sites are there on a full-day Dubai city tour. 

6 Top-Notch Places to Visit During the Tour

Once you finalise your plans to visit the Dubai tourist places, it’s time to consider the 6 amazing places first. It’s because all these places are most popular in Dubai, and visiting them will make your Dubai trip amazing. So, let’s know about the six finest places in Dubai that are worth visiting during the tour.

So, now its the best time to book your Dubai City Tour and explore the magnificent city of Dubai.

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1. Burj Khalifa

It’s one of the most iconic attractions in Dubai and is popular all over the world. The Burj Khalifa is a stunning 828-meter skyscraper with more than 160-plus storeys. So, it’s time to visit the building and experience the bird-eye views through 2 observation decks. Not only this, but you will also enjoy a dinner at the highest restaurant present on the 122nd floor while getting amazing desert and ocean views. 

2. Palm Jumeirah

If you want to see something incredible, Palm Jumerih is a great option. The entire island is made up of 120 million cubic metres of sand from the seabed. It is shaped like a palm tree, and here you will find everything luxurious, ranging from amazing hotels to restaurants. 

3. Burj Al Arab

Want to visit Dubai’s most iconic landmark? Well, Burj Al Arab is a classic 5-star hotel, and it is 321 metres tall. By getting an experience of the particular hotel, one can enjoy the amazing views and know the true definition of luxury in Dubai. 

4. Desert Safari

For all adventure seekers, Desert Safari Dubai is the best attraction in Dubai. Ranging from adventurous activities to all sorts of live performances and traditional activities, you will find everything that is worthwhile. So, it’s a perfect place for not only family and friends but also for couples.

5. The Gold Souk 

Certainly, the first thing that comes to mind when you listen to Dubai is gold. So, Dubai brings you the amazing Gold Souk, where you can find plenty of shops and restaurants to explore. From here, you can buy 18–24 carats of gold, as it’s completely an area full of gold retailers. 

6. Jumeirah Mosque 

Talking about the most iconic landmarks in Dubai, Jumeirah Mosque is on the list. The entire structure of the mosque is made from white stone with a stunning architectural style. Also, it can hold over 1200 worshippers at a time. Moreover, it has twin minarets that are present around the giant central dome. Overall, it’s a perfect place to experience during the full-day Dubai city tour.


Therefore, when it comes to considering the Dubai city tour packages, a full-day Dubai city tour is a perfect option. It’s only because, during the full-day city tour, you will experience all the unique and popular attractions of Dubai.

So, Dubai full-day city tours are a must-do activity that will give you a unique Dubai tour experience like never before. And if you are running out of time you may also book a Half Day Tour with us.