A Day of Wonder at Dubai Dolphinarium

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The Dubai Dolphinarium is home to Asia’s rarest species of fishes, dolphins, and birds. Moreover, millions of tourists visit this place every year, to catch a glimpse of the marine species and bird show. Also, it is an indoor dolphinarium, where you can indulge in various fun activities. 

At the Dubai Dolphinarium, you can engage in various activities like animal interaction and mirror maze. Here, you can also get the 5D and 7D cinema experience. It is located within the Dubai Creek Park. So, if you are looking for a fun experience with your whole family then go visit the Dolphinarium. In addition, it offers so many other fun activities for kids as well as families. 

Dolphin and Seal Show

It’s the first of its kind show in UAE. You’ll enjoy watching the dolphins dance, play ball, jump, and perform flips and splashes. Furthermore, those dolphins are highly trained and taken care of. You’ll love watching the marvellous performances of dolphins at the Dubai Dolphinarium. Dolphin and Seal show an overall unique experience that you can enjoy with your whole family. Moreover, kids will especially love watching this show. It’s a 45-minute show. 

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Creek Park Bird Show

If you’re a bird lover, this Creek Park bird show is a must watch for you. Here, you can meet Andre, the sea eagle. You can enjoy the sight of over 20 species of unique birds. You’ll find so many birds like toucans, macaws, hornbills, falcons, and Eclectus parrots. At this adventure activity, you can engage with feathered creatures. You get a chance to feed and interact with the birds. You can even make hawks, parrots, and eagles land on your outstretched arm. 

Swimming with Dolphins at Dubai Dolphinarium

You will not get this opportunity to swim with dolphins in Dubai anywhere else. Dolphins are known to be the friendliest marine creatures. So, you can get in the water with these friendly creatures. Enjoy the belly rides, hugs, and kisses with the lovely creature. 

Dolphin Encounter 

You can enjoy this activity, where you’ll be able to connect with the playful creatures. Additionally, you can have an educational session with the trainers. They will tell you about the secrets and fun facts about the dolphins. 

More experiences at the Dubai Dolphinarium 

  • Mirror Maze – Waking through a full sized mirror maze is another fun activity that you can go for. You will need to touch the mirrors and find your way out. So, these mirrors will guide you through the maze. You can use your Dubai Dolphinarium tickets to get an entry inside the mirror maze. 
  • Trampoline – You can also enjoy flipping and bouncing through the indoor trampoline at the Dubai Dolphinarium. So, after you’re done with the dolphin and seal show you can go for this activity. This activity can be enjoyed with your family and friends. All guests who are above the age of 7 years, can indulge in this activity. 
  • Art Factory – Indulge in this fun activity with your children at this dolphinarium. By indulging in this activity, you can improve your creative skills. 

Nearby Attractions to Dubai Dolphinarium

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A visit to the Dubai Dolphinarium is a wonderful experience that you can have with your whole family. It’s a must visit for tourists to make your Dubai trip perfect. So, connect with Travel Saga and book your tickets for Dubai Dolphinarium.