Top Historical Places in Dubai

Top 11 historical places to visit in Dubai

List of famous Historical places in Dubai: This city is famous globally courtesy its plush ambiance – featuring huge shopping malls, massive skyscrapers, umpteen gaming zones, and wondrous beaches. The word “Dubai” conjures up an image of opulence and an overall plush lifestyle that includes everything that s a part of an ultra-modern and uber-luxurious lifestyle.

But did you know that the emirate has a rich historical legacy as well? Dubai was not always the megalopolis that we know it today. It had been a desert emirate with a village & a lot of Bedouins or nomads. A large number of exquisite historical sites dot Dubai & its outskirts, showcasing the rich legacy of the emirate. Below, we will take you through the top 11 historical places in Dubai.

1. Al Fahidi Fort

Dubai’s oldest building, the Al Fahidi Fort houses a museum that displays a large number of modern & middle-aged historical artifacts of Dubai. Built-in 1787 by the then rulers of Dubai, the fort showcases the evolution of Dubai from a small fishing & pearl cultivation village to the time oil was discovered – and the phenomenal growth thereafter. Many skilled craftsmen are also to be found here – another legacy from the past.

2. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, one of the most noted rulers of Dubai, resided in this house between 1912 & 1958. This visionary leader planned the future of Dubai and brainstormed day & night regarding ways to improve the lifestyle of his people. Dubai’s current ruler was also raised in this house. This fact makes this house even more significant & a must-visit house.

3. Dubai Old Town

Travel back in time to witness a slice of the life led in early Dubai. The Old Town, located in the Creek area, used to function as the main gateway for the pearl cultivators and their vessels. You would still get to see the traditional boats (dhows) here, engaged in fishing or conducting pleasure rides for tourists. Visit the Gold Souk to witness the way gold jewelry has been traded here for ages.

4. Al Ahmadiya School

The 110-year-old Al Ahmadiya School is the oldest educational institute of the country. This historical seat of learning has been converted into a museum, showcasing the educational legacy of the emirate. Get a glimpse of the curriculum, teaching methodology, classroom layouts, and other aspects of traditional learning of Dubai.

5. Jumeirah Mosque

Among Dubai’s architectural marvels, the Jumeirah Mosque represents all that is best in ancient Egyptian & Syrian designs.  The Late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum initiated the construction of this grand house of worship that provides you a glimpse of the fantastic traditional Arabic architecture.

6. Hatta Heritage Village

Just on the outskirts of Dubai, lies the Hatta Heritage Village. It’s among the oldest of its kind in the region. It dates back to more than 120 years. It consists of a fort with two watchtowers and a mosque in the premises. It was used as a small defense establishment. It was restored about 2 decades ago with the same materials that were used in the original construction. This would give you a chance to view an old & traditional small fort in its truest form.

7. Souq Ad Hadid Archaeology Museum

This splendid museum is located in the Shindagha Heritage District of Dubai. Many of the highly interesting & thrilling archaeological & historical discoveries from the region are housed here. View the several millennia-old Saruq Al Hadid where beautiful metallurgical work used to be done for ages. The various galleries provide interesting insights to the archaeology & ancient history of the emirate.

8. Burj Nahar

Among the 3 water towers built to track enemy movement, the eye-catching Burj Nahar was built in 1870. Made of coral stone & mud, Burj Nahar is now a wonderful garden, adjacent to Deira locality. It provides multiple photo opportunities amidst its date trees, manicured gardens, and historical towers & structures. A nice location to spend a peaceful time.

9. Al Seef

A perfect cusp of historical & modern Dubai, the Al Seef locality will take you back in time with its cobbled roads, traditional houses reflecting millennia-old Emirati culture, and a typical Arab way of life. Walk through the roads and feel yourself transported back to the Dubai of pearl cultivation & fishing – much before it became today’s global hub.

10. Majlis Ghorfat Um Al Sheif

This is located by the magnificent Jumeirah beach. It used to serve as the summer leisure house of His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum during the 1950s. A traditional Arab Majlis, it is a typical traditional simplistic construction while also being a seat of royalty. Witness how the rulers would spend the dry summer days in cool comfort on the banks of the splendid Persian Gulf.

11. Jumeirah Archaeological Site

A most magnificent historical place, the Jumeirah Archaeological Site transports you to the centuries-old Abbasid days. Explore ancient treasures here amidst the mind-blowing structures and see for yourself age-old coins, tools, pottery, and much more. The time spent here would be worth every second as you time travels into ancient days.


Have your fill of the futuristic Dubai, filled with opulence & grandeur. But at the same time, explore the historical side of this vibrant city. Ancient treasures of every hue are waiting to welcome you. So, keep some days free for it in your upcoming Dubai trip. Happy viewing!