Dubai Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloon Standard Package
3 hours10
Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the iconic Dubai Desert from one of our brightly colored hot air balloons. It’s a joy watching the vast spread of golden sand dunes as...
Hot Air Balloon Deluxe Plan
4 hours10
  • Location5
  • Amenities5
  • Services5
  • Price5
  • Rooms5
A hot air balloon ride takes you floating through the skies above Dubai gently. It’s a calm and tranquil way of enjoying lovely views of the desert. As soon as...
Hot Air Balloon Dubai - Platinum
5 hours60
If you’ve been left awestruck by Dubai’s glittering skyline, hold your breath. Dubai enchants you with much more than tall skyscrapers rising into the sky through the clouds. This is...
Hot Air Balloon Premium Plan
5 hours 40 minutes10
It’s absolutely joyful floating over the city of Dubai in one of our hot air balloons. The friendly pilot and the staff make the experience truly unforgettable. When you ride...

Hot Air Balloon Ride Dubai 

If you have been  dreaming of an adventure of a lifetime then try this Hot air balloon ride. This experience is truly unique one you will remember for a very long time to come. Enjoy   the view of a majestic sunrise with the enchanting landscape below. You will be accompanied by an experienced guide and yes this tour is completely safe. Are you eager to know more about this wonderful ride? Then keep reading as we share some interesting details.

A Brief Overview Of The Hot Air Balloon Ride In Dubai

This balloon ride will give you the  chance to explore the magnificent desert below in style. To participate in this ride, you will have to get out of bed before the bark of dawn. The activity will commence with a professional briefing you on certain rules that you must follow for safety.

The ride is so beautiful that it will leave you mesmerized from start to finish. You will also get to see the magical sunrise on the desert and watch desert sand change its color, this is something that you must experience in a lifetime. You will also get a chance to catch a glimpse of desert animals such as gazelles, oryx, and camels.

What Other Activities Does This Involve?

The activity begins with you  getting picked up from your hotel and proceeding for the balloon ride. We will welcome you with coffee or tea. You will also be briefed and shown the procedure used to inflate  the balloon.

The professionals at the site will also give you instructions on safety measures that need to be taken by you. The basket can accommodate 20 people at one go. Once you land, we will organize a delicious breakfast for you at our base camp. In addition to the balloon ride, we also give you the chance to pose for photographs with Falcons. You  will also have the option of taking a camel ride.

Things To Remember Before You Sign Up For The Hot Air Balloon Ride In Dubai

  • Visitors with injuries, back pain or those who have undergone surgery are not permitted to participate in this ride.
  • People who are scared of heights should not sign up for this tour
  • Tourist will not be allowed to bring objects such as knife, alcohol, luggage, zoom camera, and lighters
  • We will let you know the time for your pick up in advance
  • Kids between the age of 5 to years will be charged rates for children
  • Women who are pregnant for over three months will not be permitted
  • Foreign tourists must carry passport copies for this ride


Details Of The Package

  • We offer pick up and Drop off facility
  • The activity takes place at Hajar Mountains
  • The ride time is one hour over the Al Ain Desert
  • We also give you a certificate for your experience and we also clicks photos of you with the certificate.


Who Should Go For This Ride?

People who do not have fear of heights, back pain or recovering from recent surgery can participate in this ride. Women who are undergoing advanced pregnancy will not be allowed for the ride.

How Long Is The Balloon Ride?

The ride is one hour, where you will be fluing over the Al Ain desert.

What is The Dress Code?

Participants are adviced to wear comfortable clothes during this ride. Women are advised not to wear shoes with high heels as they can cause a lot of discomfort. You must carry a hat and sunglasses at all times.

Is This Ride Safe?

Yes, this ride is perfectly safe as you will be accompanied by professionals with years of experience.

So, this is all the information you need on this hot air balloon ride in Dubai. Do sign up with this ride as it is a unique experience that you will remember for a lifetime. This tour is very safe as it is organized by professionals who have a lot of experience.



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