Dubai Frame: View From Dubai’s Past to Future

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Walking around Dubai, you will surely see a huge structure that resembles a picture frame. It is one of the most famous landmarks in the city, showcasing different parts of Dubai in just one spectacular view. Dubai is the perfect place to take frame photos as well as enjoy many other things, from dining at a height of 150 meters with stunning views to visiting interactive museums.

Structural Details Of Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is known as the largest frame in the world. The monument was constructed in 2018 and represents a symbol of the connection between Dubai’s past and future, connecting the old and new Dubai. Looking through the frame from one side you can see the old part of the city, but looking from the other side you will see the modern part of Dubai. 

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Although the structure is 95 meters wide and 150 meters high, the best part comes from within the frame. At the top, there is an observation deck along the entire edge of the frame. Glass-bottomed floors allow visitors to see approximately 150 meters beneath them. There is a museum on the grounds which explains the past and development of the city. Moreover, you can explore souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants inside the building. 

You can spend almost the whole day at this amazing place and enjoy the great views and service. Despite the many tech-savvy architectures around the building, the place remains one of the significant landmarks of Dubai.

What Do You Explore In Dubai Frame?

You can not only enjoy the insides of the building but also its surroundings as it is located in the beautiful Zabeel Park in Dubai.

Old Dubai Gallery

This museum on the mezzanine floor tells the story of Dubai’s history. Multimedia exhibitions will tell you about the evolution of the city, from a fishing village to the metropolis we all know today.

Glass Bridge

If you have courage then you can cross this bridge made of glass. It may appear frightening, but the rewards are worth the effort. You will be able to see the old and new parts of Dubai in one place.

Dubai Gallery of the Future

Take this visual time machine that will take you straight to Dubai in the year 2050. The tunnel on the mezzanine floor dedicates itself to showcasing the future of Dubai, offering visitors the chance to witness what Dubai will build over the next 30 years while enjoying views of new buildings and city landmarks.

Zabeel Park

Enjoy one of the largest parks in the city spanning 47.5 hectares. Here at Dubai Zabeel park you can find several tracks, barbecue areas, a sailing lake and many other recreational places for various activities.

Additional Information

  • Opening Hours – Dubai Frame is open all year round, 9 AM to 9 PM every day.
  • Tickets applicable – Children under 3 years old age can access free entry. Minimal entry fees are applicable for adults additionally, children between 3 to 12 years of age have to pay child rates.

Direction to Dubai Frame?

The Dubai Frame is situated at Gate 4 of Zabeel Park in Dubai.

By bus – Several bus lines will take you to Dubai Frame: 10, 21, 27, 44, 88, C26, E304, X92.

By Metro – You can go directly to Dubai Frame via the Metro Red line. one has to get of at Max Metro Station. Dubai metro is of the best and  convenient way of transportation.

By Private Transportation With Travel Saga Transportation service Dubai you can book private a car for your easy and comfortable journey.

What Should you know before Visiting Dubai Frame?

While travelling to Dubai Frame, visitors must adhere to the following rules:

  • Visitors must wear appropriate clothing, ensuring they cover their shoulders.
  • They must refrain from bringing pets, food, or smoking on the premises.

At Last

Dubai Frame bears witness to Dubai’s ambition and innovation, offering visitors a captivating blend of history, technology and architectural splendour. So, whether you are a history enthusiast, a tech lover, or simply looking for breathtaking views, a trip to Dubai Frame promises an unforgettable experience for all.

Experience Dubai’s past, present, and future at the iconic Dubai Frame with Travelsaga panoramic views of the city’s skyline.