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Umm al Quwain Mangrove

Working professionals in UAE typically love to visit places that are not crowded as they love to enjoy the peace and quiet. If you are visiting Dubai then you must visit this place as it is heaven on earth. Do you want to know more about this wonderful beach known as Umm Al Quwain Mangrove Beach? Keep reading as we reveal some interesting details about this place. There are a lot more places to visit in Umm Al Quwain Mangrove.

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A Brief Overview Of Umm Al Quwain Mangroves

This is the perfect spot for people who want to beat stress and rejuvenate themselves. This fabulous beach is located just 55 minutes away from Dubai. The beach offers a host of fun activities that you will absolutely love. The good thing is that this beach is open to the general public so if you are looking for a picnic spot then this is it. 

What To Expect At The Mangrove Beach

This is a love beach and there are a ton of activities that you can participate in. Here have a read.

  1. Organize A Small Picnic

If you love natural beauty then you must visit this beach to watch the sunset as it is very beautiful and magical. Have a picnic while you enjoy the sunset. Take pictures with your phone and camera. The beach is very calm and quiet so, you will have a memorable time there. If you bring your car along, then you will have to pay a nominal fee for the parking.

  1. Examine The Fauna And Flora

What you will love about the beach most are its fauna and flora. You can pay a bit extra to get on a kayak and explore the fauna and flora in this place.

  1. Have A Family Barbecue

What could be better than a barbecue by the seaside? This place is just right for a small barbecue party.  The beach especially has designated areas where you can have barbecues so do not miss out on this experience.

  1. Water Sports

Now, it is no secret that most people who visit the beach indulge in a host of water sports and you should not deprive yourself of that experience. You can participate in a host of water sports such as knee boarding, windsurfing, surfing, banana boat rides, canoeing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, SUP, kayaking, and windsurfing.

  1. Kite Surfing

One can indulge in kite surfing which is a very popular activity on this beach. Additionally, you will come across tour operators who will help you get started with this activity.

  1. Take A Calm Walk

Looking for some “me” time? Well, come down to the beach take a lovely stroll and get your thoughts together. The beach is rarely crowded so if you are looking for a place without too many people then this is it.

Things To Remember Before You Visit This Beach

  • At this beach, you can get to see many different species of birds
  • You can take a walk or cycle in the mangrove forest also
  • To see the mangrove forest you will have to rent out a kayak
  • You must not litter on the beach
  • Swimwear is only to be worn in the designated area


Q. Can you take pets to Mangrove Beach Umm al Quwain?

Of course, if you have a pet you can bring it along to Umm Al Quwain Mangrove beach. However, you will have a pay a fee of AED 25 for each pet. The beach also has a café which is very pet friendly. Bring an umbrella and a good lounger and allow your dog to walk about the beach.

Q. What is the ideal time to visit Mangrove Beach?

The best time to visit this beach would be December, February, March, and November. These are times when the beach is not filled with people and the weather is good so you will have a lovely time.

Q. How much is the entry fee for Umm Al Quwain mangrove Beach?

The cost of travelling to this beach greatly depends on your mode of transport and where you come from, you can also take transportation services from Travel Saga. However, the entry fee to this beach per car is AED 20.

Q. Is barbeque allowed in Mangrove Beach Umm Al Quwain?

Yes indeed, you can camp there for a full day, it's a great place for weekend picnics and camping excursions. So, you shouldn't pass up a wonderful family barbecue if you're in Umm Al Quwain Mangrove Beach with your loved ones.

Q. Is camping allowed in Mangrove Beach?

Yes surely, Mangrove Beach offers camping spaces where you may pitch a tent and take in the views of the sea. In addition, you can build bonfires and have pleasant times with loved ones.

Q. What are some other things you can do in Mangrove Beach Umm al Quwain?

You can visit Dreamland Aquapark, Umm Al Quwain Fort, Camel Racing Track, and many other exciting places.

Now, that we have given you all the information on this wonderful beach, it is time you pack some beach supplies and head out to get some sunshine and have a great time. If you would like to visit Umm Al Quwain Mangroves then we can arrange a custom tour for you that includes pickup and drop off, You can also rent a car from Travel Saga to travel alone. Contact us today or call us at +971 4 268 4645.


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