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96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa: Apply Here

Dubai is a land of marvels. You need at least a week to explore A to Z of the city. A 96-hour Dubai Transit Visa lets you enjoy a quick exploration. Visitors who want to stay in the country can apply for a 96-hour Dubai transit visa with Emirates with Travel Saga for a seamless experience and learn about the Dubai 96-hour visa cost and requirements.

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  24 Hours


  250 AED 


  96 Hours


  Confirmed Return Air Ticket



  • Bio page (first page) of the passport
  • Last page of passports (for Indians only)
  • One passport-size photograph on a white background
  • Copy of your flight ticket details

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About 96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Dubai, and millions of people started visiting this magical city. However, you won't get entry inside the country if you don't apply for a visa. Applying for a Dubai visa is easiest nowadays. You will come across many travel agencies in the industry that issue hassle-free visas, but you must come to us.

Travel Saga is an authentic travel agency working for Dubai and other countries. We will provide the details of the visa—documents, processing fee, type of visa, etc. Furthermore, we will guide you throughout, unless your visa is approved. We recommend a 96-hour transit visa for those who have a budget crunch.

Price Includes

  • Visa Fee
  • Insurance

Terms and Conditions  

  • Children under 18 should be accompanied by an adult

Documents Required for 96-Hour Transit Visa

  • You must submit the passport bio page. It is the first page of your passport with your photo, including other vital details. However, you must upload a digital copy of it.
  • We also need a copy of your last page as it contains other important details (mainly in Indian passports), but if your last page is blank, you can submit the first page only.
  • One passport-size photograph on a white background is also required. However, we accept only colour photographs and no black and white photographs.
  • A copy of your flight ticket details to prove that you won’t stay in the country for more than the time limit.

How do Apply?

You must apply for the transit visa online. We are one of the most credible travel agencies dealing with visa needs. Hence, we make the application process for a 96-hour transit visa easy. You can forward your documents with the visa application and the payment. After the Embassy processes your application, you will get the visa in your email within a week.

Requirements to Ponder

Of course, after going through the points highlighted above, now it is about time for everyone to pay heed to 3 significant conditions. Satisfying these conditions will help you secure guaranteed access to the UAE. undefined

  • The UAE government suggests that every traveller should have Dh 3000 with them during their travel. It is an obligatory sum that passengers should have on them.
  • At the airport, the travellers should ensure that they produce valid proof of accommodation. Fine examples of proof include a friend or relative's home address, an Emirates ID, and hotel reservations.
  • Return tickets are also required to be printed at the airport. It is one of the proofs that forces a timely return and shows transparency. Therefore, return tickets are required when one is entering the UAE at that particular time.

In conclusion, I mean that it is crucial to satisfy all three significant criteria to achieve a safe and lawful entry into the UAE. Furthermore, to learn all that has to do with the various policies that come with a Dubai visit visa, you should read our other article, Strict Policies To Follow Now For Dubai Visit Visa Holders.


Q. Do I need a visa to travel to Dubai?

Those planning to visit Dubai will need a tourist visa that will permit them to enter the city for a given period of time. Moreover, you can also check 48 Hours Transit Visa.

Q. What is a 96-hour transit visa?

A 96-hour transit visa is issued for those who want to stop in Dubai for a layover. So, it is valid if the arrival and departure take place at Dubai Airport. However, you can explore the entire UAE with this visa.

Q. How long will the visa remain valid?

You cannot extend a 96-hour visa beyond 30 days.

Q. Who is eligible for a Dubai Transit Visa for 96 hours?

Passengers with confirmed onward bookings to a third destination beyond Dubai within 96 hours and valid passports from eligible countries can apply.

Q. Can I extend a Dubai Transit Visa for 96 hours?

No, transit visas cannot be extended beyond the initial 96-hour period.

Q. Where do I apply for a 96-hour transit visa?

You can visit our website to apply online for the 96-hour transit visa.

Q. Do I need a visa for a 14-hour layover in Dubai?

Yes, indeed, you are not exempt from UAE tourist visas, nor are you eligible for a UAE visa on arrival, and your onward flight is in the next 48 or 96 hours.

Q. Can I leave the airport during my transit in Dubai with a 96-hour visa?

Yes, you're allowed to leave the airport and explore Dubai during your transit period. Just ensure you return in time for your onward flight.

Q. Do I need travel insurance for a Dubai Transit Visa with Emirates?

While it's not mandatory, it's highly recommended to have travel insurance covering medical emergencies and trip cancellations.

Q. Are there any restrictions on activities during my stay with a Dubai Transit Visa with Emirates?

While in Dubai, you should abide by the laws and regulations of the UAE during your stay with a Dubai Transit Visa Emirates. Additionally, engaging in activities like employment or seeking medical treatment is not permitted under this visa.

Q. How much does a Dubai 96-hour visa cost? 

The cost for a Dubai 96-hour visa is 250 AED, which includes the visa fee and insurance.

Q. Is the paid Dubai 96-hour visa cost refundable if the application is rejected? 

No, the visa fee of 250 AED for the Dubai 96-hour visa is non-refundable, even if your application is rejected.


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