Visit in Ras Al Khaimah

11 Best Places to Visit in Ras Al Khaimah

Dubai locals and tourists got a new escape address- Ras Al Khaimah. Most people come here to have fun on the beach. However, the location holds an ideal base for other intriguing activities. Ras Al Khaimah’s one of the biggest attractions is the Jebel Jais. It became a hub of tourist activities after the inauguration of Jais Zipline. Therefore, adventure seekers can take the call of sliding down the zipline or handling the steep slopes of the mountain.

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Travel from the UAE

8 Best Countries to Travel from UAE

The Emirates is the home to luxurious tourism opportunities, as it lies in the Middle East. As we know, the UAE is an epicentre of unforgettable tours, and Dubai is one of the famous attractions. However, the country is the route to other mind-blowing destinations in the world. While some country features luxurious restaurants and pristine beaches, other features amusement parks and fun activities. The mentioned destinations are chosen considering the picturesque vistas, historical significance, and mention-worthy attractions. Hence, you can enjoy a fun and frolic holiday with your buddies and loved ones.

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Adventure Tours in Dubai

Top 10 Adventure Tours in Dubai

Wondering which are the best adventure tours to try in Dubai? Let us reveal the secret. Dubai is famous as the ‘Futuristic City’ of the Emirates. The geographical bearing, weather, activities, lifestyle, and vibe of the city made it a dream holiday destination. However, the city is also a hub of a myriad of adventure sports. Therefore, here is a list of some worth-trying adventurous tours to try in Dubai.

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Sea Lion Point

Sea Lion Point

While visiting Dubai, don’t miss the chance to have an unforgettable encounter with charming Sea Lions. It is widely known that the city offers numerous astonishing water parks. The recently established Sea Lion Point, mentioned in this article, is the latest addition to Dubai’s impressive collection of water parks, guaranteed to leave you astonished. Undoubtedly, these lovable creatures will warmly welcome you with a friendly kiss when you visit Sea Lion Point, conveniently located within the city.

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Emirates of UAE

Why You Should Visit 7 Emirates of UAE

There a are a whole bunch of reasons why you should visit all the emirates of the UAE. They each have a distinctive vide and offer unique experiences. They not only boast of luxurious hotels and gig buildings, but they are also blessed with natural beauty and history. So, in this blog we have decided to discuss each emirate separately so you understand what you will see if you decide to visit. Have I managed to get you excited? Great let us get started right away.

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Dubai Mall Attractions

Top 5 Attractions of Dubai Mall

Dubai is famous not just for the bustling city life and thrilling attractions but for some of the gorgeous shopping malls as well. Among the others, Dubai Mall attractions are a must-visit. It is considered one of the largest shopping malls in the city and in the world. Therefore, you can say that the Dubai Mall is an overwhelming place not just as a shopping destination but as a perfect leisure spending zone too. From restaurants and play zones to shopping outlets and activity options, you get everything under one roof.

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Sufouh Beach in Dubai

Sufouh Beach in Dubai

The dream city of Dubai is blessed with a wide range of attractions. Massive buildings that are marvels of architecture, huge shopping malls that house almost every global brand of repute, gaming zones that provide unlimited entertainment – the list can go on. But besides these man-made attractions, Dubai also boasts of a lot of natural scenic beauties. And key among them are its beaches.

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