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Rent Rolls Royce Dawn in Dubai

Experience luxury firsthand as you set out on a remarkable voyage through Dubai's vibrant streets by renting Rolls Royce Dawn with Travel Saga Tourism. Picture yourself driving along the famous skyline while ensconced in the luxurious comfort of one of the most expensive cars on the planet. So, rent Rolls Royce Dawn in Dubai with Travel Saga Tourism.

Tour Details


  On request

  Minimum Rental

  24 hours

  KM Limit

  250 km/ day

  Security Deposit

  AED 5000

  Insurance Policy

  Comprehensive insurance


  • Valid Driving licence (International permit will required if the home country licence is not permitted by UAE authorities)
  • Credit card
  • Passport
  • Visa copy

  • You must cancel the booking at least 24 hours before.
  • No refund if you cancel within 24 hours period.
  • Refund will be initiated within 14 days of cancellation.



What to Expect

Whether you're travelling for a particular event or just want to upgrade your trip, our fleet of cars guarantees unmatched sophistication and elegance at every step. Indulge in the admiring looks, savour the attention to detail, and make treasured moments against Dubai's breathtaking scenery. It's indeed an iconic make of super luxury cars, and travelling in a Rolls Royce Dawn is the ultimate in style and class. So, no wonder then that Rolls Royce’s cars are often seen transporting royalty and VVIPs.

Moreover, with its stunning opulence, Dubai is a city for grand occasions and events. Also, it’s visited frequently by high-flying individuals and being one yourself, you would want to make a lasting impression when visiting any event or occasion in the city. Additionally, to make just that sort of an impact, arrive in style in a Rolls Royce Dawn. Hence, you can reach us on +971 4 268 4645 to make your bookings.

The Rental Charges

1 day$ 917
2 days$ 917
3-6 days$ 806
7-13 days$ 792
14-20 days$ 756
21-29 days$ 692
30+ days$ 583
Additional VAT Charges5%


  • COLOR- Red
  • MILEAGE- 20000 – 30000 km
  • TRANSMISSION - Automatic
  • BODY TYPE - Convertible

Terms and Conditions for renting Rolls Royce Dawn

Firstly, you can travel up to 250 kilometres in a single day. Secondly, you are to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel we delivered to you. If you don’t, then we shall deduct an amount of AED 50 from the security deposit. Thirdly, we will refund the amount you deposit with us 30 calendar days after you have returned the vehicle.

If you return a vehicle you have booked weekly on the first week itself, the charges shall be made daily. Similarly, if you are to return a vehicle booked monthly on the very first month, the charges for the vehicle are to be calculated weekly. If you seek an immediate cancellation of your booking, you’ll need to pay a rental charge for a single day.

Rental Policy

  • If a vehicle booked every week is returned on the very first week. So, the rental shall have to be paid as per the daily charges.
  • Again, if a vehicle is booked every month and it’s returned on the first month, the charges are to be paid as per the weekly rate.
  • If the booking is cancelled without any advance notice, a charge equivalent to the one-day rent shall have to be paid.

Delivery Terms for Rolls Royce Dawn

  • You pay no charges if you choose to collect the vehicle from our office.
  • 30 AED shall have to be paid as a parking fee if you collect the vehicle at the airport.
  • Delivery charges to Abu Dhabi are $194.44.
  • No delivery charges apply in the city of Dubai.

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So, what are you waiting for? Rent the best luxury cars only with Travel Saga Tourism. We indeed have the best and most flexible policies which makes us an ideal company for you to choose. Contact us at +971 4 268 4645 | 50 914 3707 or [email protected].


Q. What is the minimum age requirement for renting a Range Rover Defender in Dubai? 

The minimum age requirement for renting a car is 21 years old. However, for certain luxury or high performance vehicles, the minimum age could be 25 years.

Q. What types of cars are available for rent in Dubai? 

A wide range of cars are available for rent in Dubai. So, you can choose from economical to luxury vehicles for rent in Dubai. Thus, you can rent these cars from Travel Saga Tourism.

Q. What is Salik? How much does it cost? 

Dubai's electronic toll system is known as Salik. So, each toll usually costs around 50 AED.

Q. What is the policy for late returns of rental cars? 

If you expect to return the car late, then you should also inform the rental company about it. So, additional charges may be incurred if you return the car late.

Q. What documents are required to rent a car in Dubai? 

To rent a car in Dubai a valid Driving licence, credit card, visa, and passport copy is also required.

Q. What is the policy for fuel usage and refuelling? 

Rental cars are usually required to be returned with the same amount of fuel level as when they were picked up. Additional charges may also incur you if the petrol level is less.

Q. Do you offer daily car rental? 

Yes, car rentals are available for different packages. So, you can rent a car for daily, weekly, or monthly purposes.


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