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Fujairah City Tour from Dubai

Dubai offers visitors much more than a glittering skyline and stunning luxury. Tucked away in the northern emirates is the city of Fujairah, gifted with breathtaking natural beauty. Our Fujairah city tour from Dubai on the East Coast takes you to explore a lesser-known side of the UAE and its scenic beauty. While Fujairah is the United Arab Emirates’ smallest city, its serenity and beautiful scenery set it apart from the rest of the country. Visit Fujairah now.

Tour Details

  Tour Name

  Fujairah Private City Tour

  Tour Type

  Private City Tour


  8 hours


  9 AM

  Days of Operation


  Starting Price

  AED 1500


  • Pick up from your hotel/residence
  • Drive through mountains
  • Grand mosque Fujairah (closed on Friday)
  • Khorfakhan beach
  • Friday market
  • Drop off at hotel

Cancellation Policy

  • No cancellation fee is applicable if you cancel 24 hours before the scheduled tour commencement.
  • A 100% cancellation fee shall be applicable if you cancel within 24 hours of the tour commencement.
  • If you’re eligible for a refund, you shall receive the amount in your account within 7 working days.

Child Policy

  • There are no charges for children below 3 years of age.
  • Children between 3 and 10 years have to pay child rates.
  • Children above 10 years of age are eligible for standard adult rates.


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About the tour

The city has the Hajjar Mountains as its backdrop, which gives the city an enchanting canvas, bringing on different hues throughout the day. So, if the hustle and bustle of Dubai has left you yearning for some tranquillity, Fujairah is the place for you. The city, with its friendly people, beckons you with its virgin landscape. The secluded coastline, as long as 70 kilometres long, is ideal for leisurely and peaceful walks with your dear ones, a much-needed break from all the stress that life is.

What to expect in the tour

The tour gives you a glimpse of the mesmerising Oasis of Al Dahid’s eastern side and takes you to Masafi and the vibrant Sharjah City Tour. The tour is made all the more interesting, including visits to Bidya’s oldest mosque, giving you a peek into Arab traditions. We would also like to mention the best mosque in the UAE, which is in Abu Dhabi, known as the Sheikh Zayed grand mosque  Abu Dhabi, which is covered in our Abu Dhabi City tour and is one of the most popular tours you could go on.

During your journey, you can pick up a few unique souvenirs to remember the tour at the Friday Market. After this, we visit the Heritage Village which takes you on a journey back into the days of folk before the discovery of oil. You get to know how the people in this desert land lived before the wave of luxury swept the UAE.

We make a stopover at Khorfakkan Beach to help you catch your breath. Go ahead; you can have a lovely, refreshing swim here in the sea's crystal clear waters. We know your tummy must be rumbling now. You won’t be disappointed, as there’s a sumptuous spread of delectable cuisine to tuck into. The unforgettable tour draws to a close with a visit to a souk dotted with shops selling freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. We are just a call away for you to go on this enchanting tour.

Some Important Information about the Fujairah City Tour

  • We pick you up only from your Dubai hotel or residence, not from the airport.
  • We Only Provide Private Transportation services for this tour.
  • Please share detailed information about your pick-up location for a hassle-free experience.
  • A few of the attractions may not be open on certain days. We shall not be responsible for it, as such closures are entirely at the discretion of the respective authorities. No compensation shall, therefore, be provided.

The Best Time to go for the Fujairah City Tour

The East Coast Tour is an outdoor activity. As such, for the best experience, you should take the tour when the weather in the UAE is at its best. The weather in the UAE is lovely between October and February. However, the cities are crowded with the schools having gone on vacation. Dubai is especially crowded with the Dubai Shopping Festival held at this time. If you don’t mind the crowds, the UAE is charming from October to February, and the East Coast Tour is truly an unforgettable experience in the lovely weather. Well, pack your bags. It’s Fujairah calling with a vacation past comparison! Do you know you can contact Travel Saga for Dubai to Sharjah transfers? Yes, that's true.

A Fujairah City Tour from Dubai offers a serene escape from Dubai's bustle, blending scenic landscapes, rich heritage, and vibrant culture. With breathtaking views, historic sites, and delightful local cuisine, this tour promises a memorable experience. Visit Fujairah with Travel Saga for an enchanting journey you'll cherish forever.


Q. What is the Fujairah city tour from Dubai about?

Fujairah is in the northern part of the Emirates and is a breathtaking city. This East Coast tour lets you experience the not-so-explored side of Dubai and the city's beautiful landscapes.

Q. What is the best season to check in for a Fujairah city tour from Dubai?

You can visit Fujairah anytime during the year, as it remains operational. However, visiting the UAE in the winter between October and February is more enjoyable. This outdoor activity may make you want the best of the weather. So, you would like to visit Fujairah between October and February.

Q. Is there any age limit for the Fujairah East Coast Tour?

No, there is no age limit for the Fujairah East Coast Tour. Thus, it is suitable for all age groups.

Q. What is the price of a Fujairah tour from Dubai?

The price range is from AED 1500 to AED 2000 for Fujairah city tour.

Q. Are the rates the same for all age groups?

No, the rates are not the same across all age groups. There is a child policy, and children below 10 years old will have to pay child rates. Moreover, for toddlers and infants below 3 years old, entry is free.

Q. Are pick-up and drop-off services included in the package?

Pick-up and drop-off services are part of the package. However, please note that pick-up and drop-off services will be available from or to Dubai hotels or your residence in the heart of the city. We don’t offer pick-up or drop-off to/from the outskirts. Additionally, you can rent a car from Travel Saga to reach the destination.

Q. Is Fujairah cheap or expensive?

Fujairah is comparatively cheaper out of all the powerful emirates in the United Arab Emirates. Visit Fujairah for the best experience!


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