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30 Days Visit Visa Dubai

This tourist visa is for those looking to make a short trip to Dubai to catch up with family and friends. 30-day visa Dubai cost will be advised on request. This visa covers insurance as well. What you shall need to furnish for such a visa depends on what nationality you have. Citizens from GCC countries need no visa to enter Dubai and those from the 32 nations mentioned below are eligible for visas on arrival. Residents of the GCC who aren’t GCC citizens but hold high positions like company managers, auditors, business persons, doctors, accountants, engineers, pharmacists, or public sector employees, their families, drivers, and personnel who are sponsored are eligible to be given a non-renewable Dubai 30-day visa on arrival at UAE’s designated ports of entry. Visit Visa Dubai 30 days- is much needed To visit Dubai.

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 Processing  Time

  3-4 Working Days


  30 Days

  30 Days Single Entry

  450 /- AED 

  30 Days Multiple Entry

  950 /- AED




  • Copy of Passport ( front and back page)
  • Confirmed return air tickets
  • Passport-size photographs with white background
  • Copy of ID proof

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30 Days Visit Visa Dubai

Note: After you’ve completed your online visa application booking formalities, you can mail your documents to us. Apart from helping you with your visa application approval, we also offer convenient visa extension programs which allow you to stay back in Dubai without having to exit the UAE. 30 day visit visa Dubai price may vary from the prices on the booking page.

Visa Documents Needed for-30 Days Visit Visa Dubai-

After we have received clear scanned copies of the following documents, we start your Dubai visit visa processing-

  • Passport size photograph
  • Front page of the passport
  • Last page of the passport
  • If you’ve visited Dubai before, the passport page which bears the exit stamp
  • Confirmed return air tickets


  • The passport should be valid for at least a minimum of 6 months
  • Details in the passport shouldn’t be handwritten
  • The submitted documents should be absolutely clear

Guarantor’s Documents

  • A copy of the guarantor’s passport and the visa page both of which should be valid for at least 6 months
  • A cheque of AED 5500 as a security deposit and encased only if the visitor absconds
  • A statement of the last month of the bank account the cheque is drawn from showing regular transactions

Documents for Visitors who Have No Guarantor in the UAE

  • Family visitors need not submit any guarantee. Instead, they shall have to submit proof of hotel/airline/tour bookings
  • Certain visitors, except for those visiting with families are to make a deposit of AED 5500. This deposit shall be returned once the visitor submits a scanned copy of the passport page bearing the UAE exit stamp. It’s a vital element, as it’s proof that you not overstaying already and that you are ready to leave

Price Includes

  • Visa Fee
  • Insurance

The Application Process for 30 Days Visit Visa Dubai-

Here are a few simple steps you’ll need to go through to apply online for a 30 day visit Visa in Dubai

  • Enter the required details including your nationality, date of travel, and number of visas required in the application
  • Provide the necessary documents
  • Make the necessary payments

After a thorough review of your visa application, our visa staff may contact you for more information and documents like the hotel booking voucher, airline ticket details, and the guarantor’s documents to process your visa smoothly. On most occasions, we have the visa issued within the time mentioned to you, unless the visa authorities ask for more documents that delay the process.

Important note:

There are some important notes that you should keep in mind.  So, if you meet these conditions, entrance into the UAE is guaranteed. Now let's review the 3 main requirements:

  • The UAE government states that each traveller needs to have Dh 3000 with them. Carrying this amount is mandatory for tourists.
  • Travellers must present legitimate evidence of lodging at the airport. A friend or family member's home address, an Emirates ID, and hotel reservations are a few excellent instances of verification.
  • You must present your return tickets at the airport as well. It serves as evidence of prompt return and openness. Therefore, when you enter the UAE, the return tickets are required.

Lastly, to obtain a secure and legitimate admission into the United Arab Emirates, it is necessary to satisfy all 3 of these primary requirements. Additionally, you should read our blog to learn everything there is to know about the stringent regulations for holders of Dubai visit visas Strict Policies To Follow Now For Dubai Visit Visa Holders.


Q. How much does the Dubai 30-day visa cost?

The Dubai 30-day visa cost varies: single entry is 450 AED, while multiple entry costs 950 AED.

Q. What does the Visit Visa Dubai 30-day cover?

The 30-day visit visa includes insurance and allows a short trip to Dubai to catch up with family and friends.

Q. Do infants and kids need visas before entering the UAE?

Yes, all infants and kids entering the UAE with non-UAE parents need a visa.

Q. How should you apply for a Dubai visa from any other country?

You can apply online, or a friend or relative in the UAE can apply on your behalf.

Q. What different types of visas can you apply for in the UAE?

Depending on your visit's purpose and duration, you can apply for a 48 hours transit visa, 30 days visit visa, or 60 days visit visa.

Q. How many days before I intend to land in Dubai should I apply for the visa?

Apply at least a month in advance to allow for any unforeseen delays, though processing typically takes 3-4 working days.

Q. What is the best way to apply for a Dubai visa?

Visit Travel Saga for a hassle-free process: upload your application, attach documents, pay the fee, and receive your visa.

Q. Can I check my Dubai visa status online?

Certainly, after submitting your application, check your visa status on our website's status-checking tab.

Q. How much time does it take to process a Dubai visa application?

Processing a visa application takes approximately 3-4 days; express options can deliver it within 48 hours.

Q. Is there any difference between a Dubai visa and a UAE visa?

However, a Dubai visa is not the same as a UAE visa, allowing travel to any Emirati city. With Dubai Visit Visa can allow you to stay in uae anywhere.

Q. What if I withdraw my application?

Once you submit and process your visa application, you cannot withdraw it, even if you postpone your trip.

Q. Can i explore anywhere in UAE with 30 days visit visa?

Yes Certainly, you are legally allow to explore UAE & Dubai Tourist Places with this approved visa, kindly carry and copy along with you and passport to present if asked.


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