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We know that you’re busy, which is why we offer fast and reliable visa services in Dubai. We offer fast and reliable Dubai Visa Services, so your trip to the Emirates is as smooth as possible. We are authorized Visa service provider in Dubai offering 30 days, 90 days Dubai visa. We also have a team of professionals who are happy to answer any questions you may have about your visa process or about Dubai in general.

30 Days Dubai Visa with Insurance
Time 3-4 Working Days Duration 30 Days Single Entry 30 Days Single Entry 425/- AED 30 Days Multiple Entry 950/- AED Insurance Yes The 30-day tourist visa is meant for those looking to make a short trip to Dubai to...
60 Days Dubai Tourist Visa with Insurance
Time 3-4 Working Days Duration 60 Days Visit Visa 60 Days Single Entry 599/- AED 60 Days Multiple Entry 1099/- AED Insurance Yes The 60-day visa to Dubai serves your needs very well if you are looking to stay in...
Airport to Airport Visa Change
Time 1 hours Duration 1 hours Price 100 Test 1 Test 1 2 UAE is a wonderful place to be at and it’s quite natural that you may want to stay back there even after your visa expires. That’s when...

Dubai Visa FAQs

Q.1 Will I need to have a visa to travel to Dubai?

Ans. Well, that depends on your citizenship and current country. As for many countries, if you are a passport holder, you can get a visa on arrival but for the rest, you need to go through the proper protocols of Visa Application procedure and get your visa before arrival. Some of the countries whose citizenship holders can geta Visa-on-arrival (for varying periods) are as follows: Australia, Canada, China, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, USA, UK, Ukraine, Vatican City, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and more in the list.

Q.2 What is the procedure to apply for a visa?

Ans. You can apply for a Dubai Visa through different mediums. You can apply through hotels or airlines or through some travel agency. Many come to Dubai through their companies for work. In such cases, your visa is sponsored by the company. Your relative or acquaintance who is currently a resident of UAE can also sponsor your Visa.

Q.3 How long am I eligible to stay at Dubai with my Visa?

Ans. The permitted duration of your stay in Dubai will depend on the type of Visa issued to you.

Q.4 Do Indians need a visa for Dubai trip?

Ans. Yes, Indian citizens need a proper valid Visa stamped by the UAE embassy, to travel to Dubai. For Indians with valid Visas of USA, UK or Europe, stay is permitted up to six months after arrival.

Q.5 Are UAE visa and Dubai visa different?

Ans. No, they are absolutely the same. As Dubai has become immensely popular, everyone has started calling UAE visa as Dubai visa. Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates. So, if you have the country visa of UAE, you are obviously permitted to enter Dubai as well.

Q.6 What are the different types of Dubai visas?

Ans.  The UAE government issues different types of Visa, depending on the purpose of travel. They are Transit visa of 48 hours and 96 hours, 14-days visa, 30-days visa or 90-days visa. Other than this there are residence and work visas as well which are valid for 1-3 years.

Q.7 Can my Visa get rejected? What could be the probable reasons for Visa rejections?

Ans. Generally, if you follow all the protocols and properly apply for the visa, it’s very unlikely that your visa will be rejected. However, your visa may get rejected in the scenarios like incomplete or incorrect information in the Visa application form. Besides, your civil and medical records are also taken into account for Visa.



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