Top 10 Adventure Tours in Dubai

Adventure Tours in Dubai

Wondering which are the best adventure tours to try in Dubai? Let us reveal the secret. Dubai is famous as the ‘Futuristic City’ of the Emirates. The geographical bearing, weather, activities, lifestyle, and vibe of the city made it a dream holiday destination. However, the city is also a hub of a myriad of adventure sports. Therefore, here is a list of some worth-trying adventurous tours to try in Dubai.

Skydive Dubai (Sky Jump)

Skydiving is one such activity in Dubai that locals and travelers equally enjoy. Besides, it is one heck of a daredevil sport you will try in the city. Jumping from a whopping height of 4,000 meters will surely make your heart skip a beat. However, you will get an activity briefing before everything. The captivating view of the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and Palm Jumeirah is worth the risk and the adrenaline rush. The bird’s eye view of the charming Dubai skyline is spellbinding. Therefore, if you have a strong heart, you must try skydiving.

Location- The landing spot is near Palm Jumeirah. Hence, after jumping, the instructor will direct the parachute towards the Palm Jumeirah.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Adventure sports are fun, but exotic experiences will give you an ecstatic thrill. Try the hot air balloon ride in Dubai. Although it is comparatively slow, the experience is definitely soothing. Besides, it will give you a different perspective on Dubai. The balloon rides are held in the desert region, away from the main city. Floating approximately 100 feet from the ground, the bird’s eye view of the dunes, the marvelous Persian Gulf, and the Dubai icons look stunning. Hot air balloon rides take place in the morning as the experience becomes enjoyable. Choose overnight desert safari packages as it includes morning hot air balloon rides.

Location- The rides are available next to Dubai Conservation Reserve.

Helicopter Ride

Want to cherish the unmatched Dubai City view? You must go on a helicopter ride. Dubai skyline is one of the most loved parts of the city. Besides, it’s the best activity if you want to enjoy a luxurious way of exploring the skyline. The Dubai Police Academy Helipad organizes helicopter rides so that travelers can enjoy a vivid bird’s eye view of the iconic locations of the city, like Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa.

Location- The Dubai Police Academy Helipad organizes exciting helicopter rides.

Jebel Jais Zipline

The adventure seekers got a new address at the Jebel Jais Zipline. Book zipline tickets if you want to try something thrilling. It is the longest zipline located in Ras Al Khaimah. Furthermore, boasting a height of 1680 meters from sea level, the zipline is one heck of an experience. Therefore, go ahead, fly like a superhero, create memories, and slide down the cable while witnessing the captivating view of Jebel Jais (the Emirate’s highest mountain peak). Besides, you will get souvenir pictures by the end of the adventure to cherish the fond memories of the experience.

Location- Near the Ras Al Khaimah Mountain area.

Red Dune Desert Safari

The vastness and the stunning surrounding views of the Arabian Desert are mesmerizing. Therefore, you must go on an enthralling red dune desert safari ride to experience that. The desert safari is perfect to create never-fading Dubai memories and is ideal for adrenaline junkies. Besides, the safari comes with other activities, like cultural events, entertainment, good food, and more. Therefore, experience a height of thrill in a 4×4 Cruiser as the vehicle thrusts into the huge dune heaps while you sit inside and feel every beat of your heart.

Location- Lahbab Desert

Scuba Diving

Underwater excursion transports you to a whole new world. Therefore, experience the underwater world and find out about the marine ecosystem with scuba diving. This exotic experience amidst the waves is indeed a lively feeling. Spot adorable-looking marine species, weeds, corals, and much more as you go deeper. Hence, float inside the water and feel invincible as you breathe every second. You will spot many scuba diving locations, but the Jumeirah Beach is the perfect spot. Furthermore, this ever-so-thrilling escapade will last for 2 hours.

Location- Near Jumeirah Beach.


Dubai is the hub of almost every daredevil activity ever existed on the planet. Paragliding also falls under this category and is an unmissable activity to try. This free-flying and lightweight experience will let you float mid-air at a great height. Hence, you will get a 360-degree phenomenal view of the city. Fly like a bird, piercing through the wind, and feel your ‘Happy Hormones’ rushing through your veins. The entire activity will last for an hour so that you get enough time to praise the beauty of this wonderful city. Although it is a daring adventure option, every second will be worth remembering.

Location- Near Dubai Marina.

Jet Skiing

There are no longer any restrictions on Jet Skiing in Dubai. Hence, you have the freedom to enjoy this water activity. You can explore the famed Dubai icons, like the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, etc. while enjoying the thrilling jet skiing. Moreover, you can stop near each icon and click pictures and selfies for your social media.

Location- Palm Jumeirah Beach, Dubai.

Adventure Desert Safari

The Adventure Desert Safari is a popular choice for most tourists. Experiencing that heart-pounding drive on the dune heaps in 4×4 Cruisers is unbeatable. Furthermore, soak yourself in the sensational view of the desert landmass; while you enjoy the ride in the beast. Avoid consuming a heavy meal before going on the activity, as the ride is rough and can make you sick.

Watersports at the Jumeirah Beach

The gorgeous Jumeirah Beach is popular for exclusive water activities. Therefore, you can come with your family or friends, and participate in thrilling aqua activities. A few must-try ones are flyfish, banana boat ride, and donut ride. Besides, it is a great idea to spend an adventure-filled day with your loved ones. Moreover, these activities include sightseeing opportunities too, which is a plus.

Location- At Jumeirah Beach

Final Words

The best holiday is the one made to cater to your needs. Most adventure tours you will find here are suitable to enjoy with everyone. Hence, plan a long trip to Dubai to try almost every adventure tour as much as you can.