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Outdoor Dubai Kartdrome

Anyone who is fond of motorsports will find Dubai Kartdrome to be quite interesting and exciting. This racetrack happens to be 1.2 km in length and is the main go-karting location in the city. Dubai Kartdrome will definitely make you feel excited and thrilled thanks to the outdoor and indoor circuits plus an armada of leisure karts. It is situated in Dubai Autodrome which is a well-known multipurpose motorsports facility out here.

While you are at the Kartdrome, you will be assured of enjoying some breathtaking racing in a safe atmosphere which will be appropriate for individuals whose age is more than seven years. Here, you will come across a tunnel with 17 corners, in addition to a bridge that will test your driving skills for sure.

About Dubai Kartdrome

It is possible to divide the sessions into three categories of ages. While the indoor track can be accessed by individuals of all ages, only seniors whose age is more than 13 years can access the outdoor circuit. Here, a comfy driving position is offered by the karts along with top-quality handling and performance. It is possible for the visitors to try driving at high speeds on the international standard circuit which is equipped with Honda engines.

It might be a good idea to book the “Arrive & Drive” rental sessions in case you happen to be a newbie. Here, it will be feasible for you to experience karting simply for enjoying yourself. Moreover, the indoor circuit is known to host karting camps and private lessons. Apart from this, the indoor complex features a Laserdrome covering approximately 400 m² where it will be possible for you to go for some additional action as well.

Kartdrome Activities

There is a separate karting area in Dubai Autodrome which is referred to as Kartdrome that will invite any vehicle enthusiast out there. Here, you will come across lots of combinations and options including an assortment of outdoor and indoor tracks, different sessions, as well as leisure fleets. Let us look at the Kartdrome in detail in the following paragraphs.

  1. Indoor track

There is no doubt that the indoor track of the Kartdrome will be appropriate for you in case you are searching for a unique indoor karting experience. It happens to be an indoor circuit whose length is 620 m and will be able to accommodate approximately 10 drivers simultaneously.

This place is also provided by the Dubai Kartdrome authorities for hosting parties for the children, karting camps, plus private racing lessons.

  1. Outdoor track

There is an outdoor setting that is spread in about 1.2 km and it features 17 corners, a tunnel, as well as a bridge which is good enough to give you a thrilling experience ride. This circuit is going to test the driving ability of even experienced drivers. It will be possible to hold races even after sunset since the track is equipped with floodlights.

This circuit is open to everyone who has a valid ID and whose age is over 13 years. Moreover, one has to have a height of at least 1.57 m to be eligible right here. His weight must not be more than 135 kg as well.

  1. Arrive and drive

Different features are offered here such as accurate lap time monitoring along with tracking screens and SMS timing software. Kartdrome provides extremely well-known Arrive and Drive sessions that attract lots of visitors. You will be assured of the fact that these sessions will offer an interesting race. The participants are provided with basic safety equipment such as helmets, gloves, and so on before hitting the track.

  1. Karting Race

Once you visit the Dubai Kartdrome you will be sanguine that this location will provide you with some thrilling kart races. It will be possible for the professionals and the newbies to select from different go-kart racing experiences provided here such as championships as well as regular races. If you love Kardrome then you should try Ferrari world at Abu Dhabi ride.  Amongst the various racing options, the following are the most well-known:

  • Dubai Bambino Cup – This exclusive race is suitable for juniors who are looking for some excitement. It will be possible for children aged between 5 years and 8 years to participate in the race in a risk-free and regulated environment.
  • SWS Arrive and Drive Race – This one is perhaps the most affordable type of race available here. It consists of a sequence of races and the contestants will get points in every race for competing in the World Finals held in Europe. These races will be available for individuals of different age groups.
  1. Karting Academy

This program spanning more than 10 weeks is known to provide training to kids between 7 years and 16 years of age. Competent karting instructors and champion drivers will conduct this training which will cover fundamentals like steering techniques. The subsequent steps will be overtaking and defending once these skills have been mastered by the students.

How to reach Dubai Kartdrome

It will be advisable to arrive at the Kartdrome directly by the RTA bus service or taxi since you will not find any Metro station nearby. However, if you are driving then there will be lots of parking areas right here.

Ticket price

The prices of tickets will vary at the Dubai Kartdrome which will depend on the duration of driving, booking preference, plus the circuit. For instance, you need to spend AED140 for a session lasting 15 minutes on the outdoor track. Besides this, you need to pay a yearly registration charge of AED11 as well.


The outdoor and indoor circuits are open every day around-the-clock. On the other hand, the Race and Drive Centre will be open from 9 AM to 5 PM on all days.

Best time to visit

You can visit this location mentioned here at any time of the year since it happens to be an indoor circuit along with various other attractions.

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