UAE Residents

Top 10 Visa-Free Countries for UAE Residents

The citizens of the UAE and those who hold UAE passports enjoy the luxury of choosing from a lot of places to spend their vacations in. It’s because they are allowed visa-free entry into many countries spread across the globe. The UAE residence visa gives one the opportunity to travel to many countries without having to take the fuss of acquiring a visa. We have come up with this handy compilation of the top 10 countries UAE residents can travel to without needing a visa.

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Greek Restaurants in Dubai

15 Best Greek Restaurants in Dubai

Greek food is very popular as it is very tasty and unique, they are mainly cooked with wine, olive oil, and wheat. The dishes include ingredients such as goat meat, rabbit meat, beef, veal, and many vegetables. Now, if you are in Dubai and you wish to try Greek food, then you are in luck as we have put together a full list of restaurants whose food will captivate your senses. Do want to know more about these restaurants? Keep reading.

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Opening of Atlantis Royal Hotel in Dubai

Ever popular among travelers, both for business and leisure from around the world, Dubai sees a steady flow of visitors every single day. The city is therefore home to many luxurious hotels and villas. It’s poised to add yet another feather to its cap with the opening of Atlantis The Royal. The latest addition to Dubai’s booming hospitality sector is set to raise the benchmark in luxury and opulence.

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