10 Best Sites in Abu Dhabi- Heritage & Modern

Traveling has different definitions for everyone. While some choose to travel to enjoy luxury and fun, others travel to learn about the intriguing history of a place. Although the United Arab Emirates is known for its opulence and splendor, the city holds an engrossing history and the heritage sites are proof of that. Here is a list of the ten best  sites in Abu Dhabi that are a must-visit on your trip to the Emirates.

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Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival Dates for 2023-2024

Dubai, UAE: According to reports announced by the festival organizers, Dubai Festival and Retail Establishments (DFRE), the 29th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival will be held between December 8th, 2023, and January 14th, 2024. This year, the suggested planners will be bigger and better than the earlier versions conducted here.

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Al Gaffal Dhow Race in Dubai

Al Gaffal Dhow Race in Dubai

Of the many events that lure visitors in hordes to Dubai, a landmark one is the Al Gaffal Dhow Race. Held every spring, the race was envisioned by the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid in the year 1991. Since then, the much awaited event is being held annually when the marine sports season ends. The boats race fiercely along a 92 kilometers long course to reach the finish line close to the Burj Al Arab.

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Sharjah islamic civilization museum

Sharjah: Everything You Wanted to Know

Sharjah has been a distinct holiday vacation spot for many with thrilling water rides and pristine secluded beaches to check around the location. Apart from the colossal landmarks and major attractions conducted around the place, the location is also known for the delectable dishes found across the food courts and decorated lounges here in Sharjah. Individuals can bring in their families and loved ones to Sharjah and enjoy the exotic flora and fauna around the place while cherishing the vivid backdrop of the Sharjah region. A few important details regarding the history, culture, and places to visit in Sharjah are articulated below for the reader’s interest.


History of Sharjah


Sharjah is considered the 3rd largest city in UAE and the first human settlement in the region dates back around 5,000 years ago. Around the 2nd century AD, the Greek geographer Ptolemy drew a map that showed signs of human settlement in the Arabian province. This place was regarded as Sarcoa at that time which has now transformed into the modern-day Sharjah here in UAE. Ahmed Ibn Majid, an Arab navigator during the 1490s, accounted in his personal memoirs about the region of Sharjah when he traversed the Persian Gulf waters here.


Sharjah has always been known for its wealth of resources and has been a major port in the southern part of the Persian Gulf for trading and fishing. The place was known for its trading routes to connect to the eastern part of the country until the start of the 19th century. Apart from trading and fishing, the place played an important role in the formation of the pearl industry until the end of 1940. Sharjah saw its first international airport in 1932 and suggested the formation of the UAE Federation 40 years later.


The early settlements at Sharjah used to be small shacks around palm trees and fronds and were located along the banks of the creek. Sharjah has now turned into a palatial city, offering world-class facilities and immersive tourism activities to enjoy around the region. The rapid development in the 1970s utilizing efficient engineering has transformed the place and emerged itself as a central hub for the UAE.


Culture of Sharjah


Sharjah was considered the cultural capital of the UAE in 1998 by UNESCO, and it is a distinct honor to receive from such an esteemed organization. Sharjah has kept its tradition and history intact while developing the nation. Alongside the expansion of the city, tradition and ethics have been a major part of Emirati culture here in Sharjah. This has given Sharjah a modern outlook while considering the early history and culture of their ancestors for the development of the nation.


Sharjah was referred to as the Capital of Islamic Culture in 2014, with a variety of early traditional and cultural tools, arts, and crafts still appreciated by locals and visitors here. All these date back to the Bedouin tribes, who settled in this area and knew the trade of making items and artifacts during their migration. Potteries, bridal chests, embroidered and woven fabric, weapons and artifacts, doors, palm trees, henna, and perfume making with incense are a few of the early traditional cultural choirs of the first settlers here in Sharjah.


Distinct areas comprising the city of Sharjah


Sharjah has been majorly subdivided into three parts. One is known as Sharjah, which forms a major part of tourism and culture, along with enjoying a city life full of immersive activities to engage in here. The Central Region forms a rocky and sandy terrain with mountains and deserts that make a perfect spot for adventure and thrilling activities throughout the region. The East Coast, on the other hand, comprises pristine beaches with the Persian Gulf around and is filled with amazing flora and fauna across the land area. All these regions constitute the Sharjah province and have played an extensive part in the UAE’s tourism industry.


Important places to visit in Sharjah


There are numerous places to visit in Sharjah, and a few of the important ones are portrayed below for the audience to check out.


Sharjah Desert Park


The Sharjah Desert Park is a great tourist destination to check with friends and families here. The place is mainly divided into 3 parts, an Arabian Wildlife Center, a Natural History Museum, and a Children’s Farm. Individuals can spend their time looking at the distinct habitats of the Arabian desert along with the development of life around the desert terrain here in Sharjah. Children and kids can enjoy the camel rides and hand-feed the animals around the park premises here.


Al Qasba


Al Qasba is an important place in Sharjah and constitutes a shopping mall in the region. The place is known for the numerous activities to conclude, including shopping, watching movies at the Cineplex, enjoying abra rides, and even relishing the sumptuous cuisines available around the place. A kid’s zone is also present around the location for kids and children to cherish the varied games and sports there. Individuals coming to Al Qasba can also check out the Al Qasba Musical Fountain and the Etisalat-Eye of the Emirates Ferris Wheel here in Sharjah.


Sharjah Aquarium


Another great place to enjoy the distinct marine life around is the Sharjah Aquarium, which is located here. The place houses 20 big tanks full of marine life and creatures and has been considered for the protection of marine species here. Distinct aquatic animals can be spotted around the aquarium, such as sharks, stingrays, seahorses, turtles, clownfish, and more. The place is known to house over 150 species of marine life around the complex premises here at the Sharjah Aquarium.


Sharjah Museum


The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization is located along the banks of the Persian Gulf here in Sharjah and is known for the ancient artifacts, relics, farming tools, early fishing equipment, and more exhibited here within an opulent souq. Visitors who admire the history of the place can gain some profound knowledge and understanding of the different habitats of the early Emirati locals and their way of living around the Sharjah region here.


Al Majaz Waterfront


The Al Majaz Waterfront is a great place to enjoy your time here in the city of Sharjah. Individuals can indulge in the fascinating activities that include a mini golf course along with amazing gastronomical treats for the visitors around the lavish food courts and lounges here. Numerous events, live performances, festivals, concerts, and shows are conducted around the Al Majaz Waterfront region, with the Sharjah Musical Fountain topping the most-visited sites here at the location.


Sharjah Science Museum

The Sharjah Science Museum was built in the UAE with the motive of educating and training children about the different science theories and technologies used in the world. There are various exhibits available throughout the complex premises suggesting life and space science, with interactive audio-visual sessions and science experiments to delve into here at the Sharjah Science Museum. A small library is also present around the premises, which is stacked with various science books and research papers for interested individuals.


Blue Souk, Sharjah


The Blue Souk is a great market for visitors and tourists to check out and enjoy their shopping spree around the location. Various commercial items and goods, including electronics, daily items, groceries, textiles, and fabrics, can be found around the Blue Souk shops and stores within the complex. Numerous dining and food arrangements are offered at the food courts here, serving authentic Arabian dishes at reasonable prices here in Sharjah.


Buhaira Corniche


The Buhaira Corniche is another distinct place to visit in Sharjah and is a crowd-puller for the vivid decorations and food stalls around the location. The place is a 6- to 7-kilometer-long stretch along the Khaled Lake and can definitely be accounted for having the most beautiful landscapes and scenic views along the area. Individuals can spend their evenings in this calm and serene environment of the Corniche and enjoy activities like jogging, running, and cycling around the location here in Sharjah.


Distinct ways to travel to Sharjah


The nearest airport to Sharjah is the Sharjah International Airport, which is located around 13 kilometers in the south-eastern part of the region. Direct flights are available from different parts of the world and can also be traveled via Dubai. Dubai has its own local airplanes flying to and from Sharjah at proper intervals. Individuals can also opt for public lines or private cabs and taxis to reach Sharjah from Dubai. Public buses are available at the Al Jubail Bus Station to travel to Dubai, and it takes around an hour to reach the destination.


Bottom line 


To conclude, these are a few important details and information regarding the history of Sharjah and the distinct places to visit here while spending a vacation at the location. Individuals can spend their time shopping at the magnificent souks or enjoy checking the heritage sites and the socio-cultural aspect of the place by visiting the vivid museums around Sharjah.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival – Dubai has always been a shopper’s paradise, with distinct goods and items available to buy at cheap prices and with discounts. All this is due to the annual month-long DSF event organized at the city premises here in Dubai. It is to be noted that the Dubai Shopping Festival is not a massive fair or exhibition conducted around a single location. Moreover, it is a month-long annual event organized by Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), with shop owners and retailers around the city providing huge rebates and discounts. Various daily raffles, a fireworks show, and vivid entertainment options are available for the DSF event held in Dubai each year. A few important details and things to do at the DSF event are articulated below for the readers.

History of the Dubai Shopping Festival

The beginning of the Dubai Shopping Festival dates back to the days when shopping malls were not even that prominent in the Dubai region. The DSF started in 1996 under the administration of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, who is the vice president of the UAE and the emperor of Dubai. This step was taken to uplift Dubai to a new scale within the tourism sector and rope in more customers to enhance their economic position in society. It is a one-of-a-kind festival organized in Dubai that can be divided into three distinctions. These distinct sections comprise shopping, entertainment, and awards for the customers. The Dubai Shopping Festival also saw the opening of the Al Ghurair Mall and the City Center Deira Mall, with a direct connection to the DSF participation here in Dubai.

Apart from the malls, open-street retailers, gold souqs, and heritage marketplaces have participated in the DSF event ever since the start of the event. 121 Lexus GS300 cars were offered to lucky customers during the inaugural year of the DSF event here, and a total of 43 kg of gold bars were circulated for the prized winners here in Dubai. Various shows, concerts, and live performances from famed artists across the globe are conducted around the city, with themed carnival shows and sporting events like Dubai World Cup horse racing events scheduled for this time here in Dubai.

Every year, the DSF event brings extreme glamor and fame to the Dubai vicinity with the exclusive fireworks show conducted at that time. The inaugural year of the DSF marked the single hit “Dubai Danat Al Dunya” by Rashed Al Majed, which was promoted here during the DSF in 1996. Till then, the DSF has been hosted each year to celebrate the wonderful time here, apart from 2006, which marked the death of the ruler Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid here in Dubai.

Things to check out at the Dubai Shopping Festival

There are numerous things to check out around the Dubai Shopping Festival event here in Dubai. A few of the distinct ones are portrayed below for checking purposes.

Music shows and concerts

The Dubai Shopping Festival is known for the numerous shows and live concerts conducted around the city to entertain visitors here in Dubai. Varied famous artists from around the world have performed here at the Dubai location, such as A.R. Rahman, Whitney Houston, Bryan Adams, Jethro Tull, and Zakhir Hussain. This year, the event will see the likes of artists like Sole DXB performing a hip-hop dance and music concert for the conclusion of the 50th year of the hip-hop revolution in the world. Apart from that, many Bollywood artists like Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu, Abhijeet, and Udit Narayan will be performing center-stage on December 10 at DSF this year.

Shop at discounted rates

Individuals visiting the DSF event can shop at discounted rates at various shops and stalls around the city. Many malls and retail outlets have partnered with the DSF and have brought in raffles, prizes, and huge rebates on the goods and items available on their store shelves. Gadgets, electronic appliances, textiles, fabrics, commercial goods, and even groceries are available at low prices in the branded stores and malls here in Dubai. Individuals need to look out for distinct offers and contests for the day around the various shopping areas and retail shops around the city of Dubai.

Check out raffles and contests

Numerous raffles and contests can be checked around the mall premises or shop stores participating in the DSF each year. This allows individuals to receive top-notch prizes and awards through a lottery system around the location here. Many high-end cars, along with gold bars and coins, are provided as gifts to lucky customers here in Dubai. Individuals can also take part in the competitions and avail huge discounts and deals on items and goods available at the stores and shops around the city of Dubai.

Indulge in the distinct dining arrangements

Individuals opting to visit the Dubai Shopping Festival can enjoy the various dining treats and dishes available at the food counters and outlets around the city. Varied multi-national cuisines can be checked out here at the lavish food joints, which include Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Indian, Chinese, and even Thai dishes to explore around Dubai. Some restaurants and lounges offer huge rebates to their customers on certain dishes during the DSF event here. Specially curated cuisines and dishes are also available for the foodies here to try along the line of food outlets during the DSF event in Dubai.

Glance at the fireworks show 

Another amazing activity to engage in during the DSF event in Dubai is to check out the vivid fireworks show conducted around Dubai during that time. The show continues for over 30 days, with various fireworks displayed at the distinct premises around. The glittering sparkles and stars also add color to the DSF event here in Dubai and make for a worthy view to behold during this time of the year.

How do I reach the DSF event in Dubai?

The DSF event in Dubai can easily be reached using public buses and private cabs around the region. It is to be checked which location is conducting the event before traveling down to the said place. Metro lines can also be used to reach places like Palm Jumeirah and Sheikh Zayed Road for checking out the shops and stores around the place.

Dates announced for the Dubai Shopping Festival 2023–2024

Dubai, UAE: According to reports announced by the festival organizers, Dubai Festival and Retail Establishments (DFRE), the 29th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival will be held between December 8th, 2023, and January 14th, 2024. This year, the suggested planners will be bigger and better than the earlier versions conducted here.


Among the 38 days of festival celebrations around the DSF here in Dubai, the audience would witness the live performances of the two most profound Arabian artists, AhlamAlshamsi and AssalaNasri, for a single-day event at the Coca-Cola stadium in Dubai on December 15, 2023. A famous street culture and lifestyle event named Sole DXB is returning this season with an array of dance moves and music streams representing the completion of 50 years of hip-hop music and dance here from December 8th to December 10th, 2023.


The festivities would also offer live music performances from international and regional musicians, along with basketball game events here at the DSF. General talk shows along with opulent dining destinations are constructed around the corners, serving the best delicacies at the Dubai Shopping Festival location. Visitors can enjoy shopping at the distinct stores and shops, along with exhibiting art gallery shows and events conducted around the region during their time here in Dubai.


The festival would also house performances from A-list comedians, artists, and speakers like Najwa Karam, Omar Khairat, Kazim Al Saher, Majid Al Mohandis, and George Wassouf. An eco-relatable event named Earthsoul Fest will be conducted around the DSF premises during festival time here in Dubai. More details of the event are still under wraps and will be forecasted in the coming days before the start of the festivities here at the Dubai Shopping Festival.


To conclude, these are the important details regarding the history of the Dubai Shopping Festival and the things to do around the time here. Individuals can bring their families and friends to the month-long occasion here in Dubai and enjoy the vivid fireworks show, offers, rebates, and discounts on various goods, items, and commodities available at the stores and shops around the location.

Deira Creek

Deira Creek

Dubai is a magical destination for visitors and tourists from around the world, as they can indulge in the vibrant destinations and cuisines available around the city premises. Among the particular destinations to visit around Dubai, the Dubai Creek or Bur Dubai area is the oldest part of the area available for visitation purposes. The place is quite in contrast with the modern parts of the Dubai location and resembles important traditional and cultural folklore around the destination. A few of the distinct things to do, along with the best markets to find, are portrayed below for the audience’s interest.


Introduction and History


Deira Creek is known for being the oldest part of Dubai and for having a past history of pearl trading and fish farming around the area. The Deira Creek served as the waterway to link to other parts of the country and resume trade processes along with it. Even today, commercial goods and items are sold along the areas here, with various early heritage sites across the location. Individuals can also spend their time checking the distinct museums and art galleries, along with the options of devouring sumptuous delicacies and refreshing beverages around the food outlets available in the Deira Creek region. Various tours and cruises are conducted by distinct agencies here in the Deira Creek region of Bur Dubai.


Things to do in the Deira Creek Region


There are various activities to conclude while spending time in the Deira Creek region of Dubai. A complete list of the distinct ones is provided below for the readers to look at.


Deira Creek Dhow Cruise


Individuals opting to visit the Deira Creek region can check out the Dhow Cruises conducted by operators along the Dubai Water Canal here. The dhow cruises are mainly traditional boats decorated for partners and couples to enjoy the tour with the vivid sights and scenes of the Bur Dubai neighborhood along with the appealing Dubai skyline in the distance. Individuals can choose the distinct dishes to taste here and revel in the live music and dance performances conducted on these dhow boats here in Dubai Creek.


Visit the Souks around the location


One of the most important activities to indulge in here is to visit the distinct souks or marketplaces available around the location. Individuals can check the Gold Souk around for some gold jewelry to purchase at international rates or visit the Spice Souk to check the distinct spices and herbs available to create the most delectable cuisines from here. A perfume souq is also available around the corners of Deira, which has small to mid-sized shops and stores selling distinct perfumes and fragrances from around the world.


The top restaurants and food outlets available along the Deira Creek location


Visitors and tourists can opt for food tours around the location with various operators or find one themselves on their own. Visitors longing to delve into some stunning Emirati dishes can enjoy their turn at the Al Bait Al Qadeem restaurant available around the location. Individuals looking to delve into Japanese and Spanish cuisines can try Miyako and The Boardwalk. Food courts are also available around the Deira City Center area.


The best time to visit the Deira Creek location in Dubai


The best time to visit the Deira Creek region is during the winter months. Summer can be uncomfortably hot in Dubai, and visits should be avoided during this period.


How do I reach Deira Creek from Dubai?


The Dubai Creek is around 5 kilometers away from the Deira City Center area and can be reached using public and private transport. The closest metro stations along the Dubai Creek region are the Union metro station, the Deira City Center metro station, and the Gold Souk metro station along the Green Line. Individuals opting for public buses can avail of the Line 53 bus to travel to the Dubai Creek location from Deira City Center.


Wrapping up


To end with, these are a few distinct details and things to do at Deira Creek here in Dubai. Individuals can bring their loved ones and enjoy the various heritage sites and museums on the dhow cruises here in Dubai. Various food stalls and outlets can be found across the location, serving the most lavish dishes at reasonable prices here at Deira Creek in Dubai.


The Dubai Creek

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Dubai is a lively destination for all and has an unending list of amazing attractions and prominent landmarks along the way. People visit Dubai to learn about the traditions and cultural heritage of the place, along with checking out the historical landmarks around them. Various activities can be concluded here, including thrilling and adventurous rides, desert safaris, skydiving, helicopter rides, and more. With all the attractions and enchanting locations to visit in Dubai, the Al Fahidi neighborhood is an esteemed tourist location for visitors to check out here. Let us delve into the history of the Al Fahidi neighborhood along with the distinct places to visit here.


History and Introduction


The Al Fahidi neighborhood is an urban site that reflects the aura of the 19th century. The place is located in the Bur Dubai region and was referred to as the Bastakiya during earlier times. The place is itself a heritage site and has traditional houses, art exhibition halls, and museums spread across the region. The structures here are made of plaster, gypsum, teak wood, palm trunks, and leaves, with huge wind towers erected on the edges. These wind towers were constructed in a way to take in the cool air from the outside and naturally act as an air conditioner for the rooms inside. The streets around the Al Fahidi region are lined with traditional food stalls that offer a wide range of Arabian cuisines and refreshments to their customers.


Points of Interest in the Al Fahidi Neighborhood


There are various heritage sites and museums to visit while spending time in the Al Fahidi neighborhood in Dubai. Some of the important ones are presented below for the readers to check out.


Bastakiya Quarters


There are around 50 houses available to check in the Al Fahidi region, and the Bastakiya quarters are one of them. These quarters are constructed using mud bricks, gypsum, plaster, teak, and palm wood, along with corals. The quarters are attached to wind towers, providing proper circulation of air through the rooms inside. Individuals opting to visit the Bastakiya Quarters here can try the abra ride down Dubai Creek to get a distinct impression of the mud huts available around the banks of the place here in Dubai.


Dubai Museum


The Dubai Museum is a notable place to visit while taking time to explore the Al Fahidi neighborhood in Dubai. The museum is also an iconic site that acted as a fort in earlier times. The museum was renovated and constructed here in 1971 after the place was transformed into a prison for accommodating prisoners. The place is not used as a museum to exhibit various early artifacts, relics, armory, weapons, protective armor, tombs, and more. A dhow boat is constructed around the premises here that focuses on the early pearl and fish farming activities of the local people here.


Coins Museum


The Coins Museum is another place in the Al Fahidi neighborhood that exhibits 470 distinct rare coins along the museum premises. The place has eight distinct rooms that depict the trading and utilization of these coins during the Caliphate era. Individuals can check the distinct attributes of the coins here, along with the markings and calligraphy etched on the surface. Interactive sessions with digital magnifiers help to understand the distinct characteristics of the coins used by the early Emirati folks here at the Coins Museum in Dubai.


Coffee Museum


The Coffee Museum is a distinct place to enjoy in the Al Fahidi region. It has over 300 varieties of coffee beans and seeds available on display at the museum. Individuals can check the traditional usage of coffee in the Arab region and the history of refreshments in Emirati culture here.


Textile Market


The Textile Market is an excellent place to check if you are looking to purchase some traditional fabrics and textiles from the Arabian market here. There are traditional rugs, carpets, abayas, shirts, and wall hangings available around the area that are on sale with attractive price tags. Individuals can utilize their bargaining skills here to buy some of the best textiles available around the place here in Dubai.


The best time to visit the Al Fahidi neighborhood


The best time to visit the Al Fahidi neighborhood is from October to March, as the temperature remains relatively cool and pacifying during that time. Summers get burning hot here, so touring around the Al Fahidi region should be avoided at all costs.


Entry fee and timings to the Al Fahidi neighborhood


Entry is free for visiting the Al Fahidi region, but the timings differ for the places here to visit. The Dubai Museum here has an entry fee of 3 AED for visitation purposes and is open from 8.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. from Saturdays to Thursdays. Fridays are also open, but the timing is between 2.30 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. Similarly, the Coffee Museum and the Coins Museum do not charge any entry fee, and the timings are between 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. respectively. The places remain closed on Fridays here.


How can I reach the Al Fahidi region conveniently?


The Al Fahidi district is located in the Bur Dubai area and can be reached by taking bus lines 103 and 104 from Dubai. Private taxis and cabs can also be rented here to reach the area here in Bur Dubai. The nearest metro station to reach the place is the Al Fahidi Metro Station, and the Burjuman Metro Station is in the vicinity.


Bottom Line


In summary, these are the top few places to visit in the Al Fahidi neighborhood in Bur Dubai, along with the prominent history of the place. Individuals can take a trip to the place with their close ones and enjoy the traditional and cultural heritage exhibited at the museums around the area here in Dubai.


Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

Located on the Al Fahidi Historic District’s edge, the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding opened its doors in 1995. If you seek to gain a deeper insight into the cultural heritage and history of the Emirates, this is the place to be at. The various activities, the tours that are conducted and the local cuisine tell you more about life in the Emirates.

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Naif Souk Market

Naif Souk Market

Everything you wanted to know about Naif Souk Market explained here. Spending your time in Dubai can be a mesmerizing experience for anyone traveling from different places around the planet. Varied monuments and historical sites are available to check out while spending time here. Distinct tours, along with water sports, have made Dubai a busy place for travelers seeking a great time here. Amid the distinct places to enjoy our stay in Dubai, the Naif Souk is an important location to check for shopaholics here. A few of the general details, along with the way to reach the place, are declared below for checking purposes.

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Green Art Gallery

Green Art Gallery

Everything you wanted to know about Green Art Gallery explained here. With an array of exciting activities and astounding attractions to check out in Dubai, this Emirati city has made its name in the history books of the world. Many individuals travel to the location with their friends and close ones to immerse themselves in the beauty of the place, along with the colossal landmarks studded across the city of Dubai. Various places of attraction providing tours and trips are spread across the location, along with luxury dining fiestas for individuals to taste the signature Emirati cuisine. Art lovers can also have a great time here, visiting the art galleries and exhibition halls present in the industrial region. One such place to visit for art enthusiasts is the Green Art Gallery in the Al Quoz area.

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